Cartoon drawing of woman in a space suit standing on rocky cliff with a big blue planet, a small gray moon and distant stars in the background and a computer server on the right.
Archiving for the Future
A video still from an animated video in which a woman is audio and video recording a man in a forest setting. There is a speech bubble near the man that contains images of a plant, a bird, and a fish.
AILLA’s YouTube Channel
Red Creative Commons logo of CC surrounded by a red heart.
Creative Commons Certificate for Librarians
A photograph taken from a high location in the historic center of Quito, Ecuador, looking down on a city street and buildings in the distance.
My Workshops
Logo of an orange-colored, opened lock with the words open access in black on either side of the lock.
OA for Language Archives?
A cartoon drawing, showing roads leading in various directions, with many sign posts indicating choices to be made at every turn.
Data Citation & Attribution in Linguistics

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